Forklift Training

Helping your team learn FAST and SAFELY!

Training Packages

Our forklift training packages work around you and the day-to-day running of your business. Our instructors can fit into any shift pattern; early mornings or nights at NO EXTRA COST (Subject to availability)

All our forklift training certificates meet Health and Safety requirements. And our instructors are fully trained, certificated and accredited.

Packages Available

our Six elements of forklift training

All of our training packages are split into six sections,
this helps your team members achieve the highest standard.

Training Videos

With our forklift instructors carrying either their laptops, tablets or DVD players. Forklift Training Safety Videos are a crucial part of the training program we offer.

Health & Safety

All of our Forklift Instructors provide to Health & Safety regulations, ensuring that your employees are right up to date with the latest legislation.

Theory Work

Before any of the trainees take the the wheel, they must demonstrate the hazards that they could come across before operating a forklift truck.

Pre-op Check

We ensure all of the trainee's know how to check the forklift truck before operation commences. We can even supply booklets with checklists. (Additional costs)

Practical Training

Its time to operate the Forklift. We get all trainees to do a wide range of maneuvers to ensure that they can operate the forklift truck safely.

Test & Certification

The final part of any forklift course and thats ton ensure that the trainees have listened to everything the instructor has taught them.